Saturday, March 17, 2012

strahlender Sonnenschein auf dem Tempelhofer Feld

It's 20 degrees Celsius today (68 F) and people are out enjoying it. Michael is playing basketball on an outdoor court, I went for a jog at Tempelhof and took a camera along. People were loving the weather. Thousands of Berliners escape their dreary cold apartments and get out to the parks. They were biking, roller blading, jogging, walking their dogs, playing frisbee, skateboarding, flying kites and doing those kite/skateboard with wheels thing. Playing catch, reading, walking, playing with remote-control cars. You name it. As I left the park, more people were coming with bags of beer and picnic stuff, lots of people were already starting to grill. Summer in March? I'm Minnesotan...can't be fooled. But it sure does feel good. :)

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  1. We just had champagne (to celebrate Elisabeth's "match"...even though she's not here) and cheese, smoked fish on the deck...BEAUTIFUL, beautiful evening....not your typical Minnesota March. Over 70 degrees....