Monday, March 19, 2012

good deeds

You probably didn't notice...but yesterday none of the mosque pictures were my own, because I lost my camera. :( I think it must have fallen out of my pocket on the bus on the way there. Anyways, I was super bummed, and had no real hopes of getting it back. But guess what?! Out of the 3.5 million people in Berlin, a NICE one found my camera, and turned it in to the bus driver, who gave it over to the bus company lost-and-found. So when I went to the BVG Fundbüro this morning, it was there!! What luck! I didn't even know the brand of my camera to claim it, but I got really excited when I saw my camera on the desk and said, "Look at the last picture! It's me, I swear!" :) So I paid 7 EUR and got it back. Pretty nifty system. :)
The picture below I took as we were leaving the library...beautiful sky, not so beautiful Potsdamer Platz. Just glad to have my camera back. :)

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