Sunday, July 13, 2008

wieder zu Hause...home again...

I got home Thursday night, have been able to see a lot of my family since then. It is good to be home!

Special thanks to Johannes, Claudia and Michael for their roles in helping to get all of my luggage back...which was rather an ordeal at times. :)

And thanks to all of you who read my blog throughout the year--I hope you found it interesting.

So this chapter of my life is over, and this fall the graduate school chapter begins...


  1. Say what? You cannot end the diaries like this! :O

    All in favor of "she should write about the US for the Germans now" raise their hands!



  2. Yee haw! It's great to have you back and congratulations on a journey well traveled. The United States couldn't have sent a better emissary. Hopefully I'll get to see you early August before you get thrown into the real fire: grad school...