Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tour de France: Marseille, Bordeaux

Marseille is a huge city. We got in late-afternoon, when the heat was becoming bearable enough to walk outside, and wandered through the city a bit. Impressions: really loud, really dirty. Marseille is a port, with some wealthy areas and then just huge sprawling city for miles.

We hiked up to the Basilique de Notre Dame de la Garde (you can see in the picture), 230 m above the city with an amazing view of the sea and the red rooftops. It was a hike, but definitely worth it.

Then we went down to the harbor, had dinner, wandered back to the train station to make our night train to Bordeaux. A few hours of sleep on the night train.


We got in at 5:00 am...wandered through empty dark streets to the river Garonne, watched the sun rise above the water, and then dissappear behind dark clouds. We sat at a café for a while, enjoying a café crème, working at an impossible French sudoku, and watching people.

Below: drinking Bordeaux in Bordeaux during our midday picnic:

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