Saturday, May 31, 2008

mini East High reunion in Heidelberg

My good good friend Sarah from high school is currently living in Spain, and just finished a big Europe trip with a friend of hers. They stopped in Heidelberg to see me and Simon on their way home through Frankfurt.

We met, walked around town, got stuff for grilling and then went down to the banks of the Neckar river and grilled. It was soooo nice. Really hot weather, tons of students out there, good food and great to catch up with one another.

Above we are eating Spaghetti-Eis, a typical German ice cream treat. They press the vanilla ice cream like noodles, put red strawberry sauce on top, with coconut or white chocolate sprinkled on top to look like tomato sauce. Yum!

This picture above is of John and Sarah waiting for their train. Just as we were leaving there was a huge thunderstorm and all our trains were really delayed. So yes, there can sometime be downsides to the amazing German train system. But I say that reluctantly, because you just have no idea how good it can be until you've lived here.

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