Monday, February 25, 2008


Friday my roommates and I set off on a grand road trip to the north of Germany...Hamburg! It was about a six hours' drive, and when we arrived my dear friend Klara had a delicious lunch waiting for us. We then went into town, walked around a bit, had coffee, went to a museum, and got ready for our night out on the town...

Hamburg's Reeperbahn, the main drag of the red-light district, is famous for its good bars and clubs (and, of course, other establishments...). It is actually a really safe area though, and if you're female or under 18 you can't even enter the most red-light of the red-light streets. We went to a concert and then were out dancing until Saturday morning was definitely one of the most fun nights I have had so far here in Germany!

Saturday, after three hours of sleep, we had breakfast and then went out on the canals of Hamburg in a rented four-person canoe.

I am not going to lie, we were a bit too low to the water for my comfort. And I warned one of my roommates that if one of my sisters had paddled like that during a family canoe trip (dragging the paddle) I probably would have hit her. :) But we made it, and it was a unique way to experience the city.

Then we went back into town, had more coffee, went to a museum, went to the theater, came back to Klara's and played Apples to Apples (Äpfel to Äpfeln) and went to bed. Sunday Klara was helping with the vote in Hamburg, so we explored the harbor area and the old part of the city on our own. We did a little boat tour, had a Fischbrötchen and then got ready for the big drive home.


  1. Isn't the Bismarck statue just huge and ugly? I'm glad you had a fun trip with your suitemates and friends. Hope no one tipped the canoe!

  2. I was afraid I wasn't going to see a hamburger in your Hamburg post. But my worries were unfounded!