Friday, December 21, 2007

Fairy Tale Winter Wonderland

This morning we (we being those of us who were up) went for a walk to see my school and the Saar river, then we all (all) hopped in the VW van driven expertly by my father. We left the sunny clear skies of Saarbrücken and entered a misty, icy winter wonderland. We drove northeast, over the Rhine and into Baden Württemberg. It was freezing cold, but really, really beautiful. All the trees and rooftops were frosted over, which may be as close to snow as we are going to get. :)

We had Wurst and crepes at the Weihnachtsmarkt for lunch (and some cocoa and Glühwein to warm up!) My friend Simon met us and walked with us through the narrow Altstadt (old city) of Heidelberg, to the old bridge and then up the many stairs to the castle ruins.

Then we walked through the pedestrian streets filling up with Christmas shoppers and mom got a few German children's books (and some for me).

We got out of the cold and into our gemütlich little restaurant for some Schnitzel for dinner, and some local wine. Then we hit the Autobahn for the drive back home, got cozy at the hotel and played a few rounds of Apples to Apples.

Best moment of the day:

Anna going in to use the bathroom, and then coming out to say, "Wait, which one should I go into?" I guess she hadn't yet learned German for "MEN" and "WOMEN" and there were no pictures. :)

Above: On the old bridge, in front of the city gate

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