Sunday, December 2, 2007

Adventszeit in Deutschland!

Today is the first of Advent, so that means the beginning of the most beautiful time to be in Germany. The Christmas markets, mulled wine, gingerbread, cookies...yum!

You can maybe tell by this picture above that it was raining this weekend, which did not provide for the most comfortable weather for going to Christmas markets, but it is just the first weekend of four Advent weekends, so I can deal with that. Just the thought of this precipitation being snow makes me jealous of you Minnesotans...although I'm bitter that my sister's flight is delayed!

Above: a puppet show for the children!
Above: People drinking Glühwein at a stand.

This week was as full as any other. Monday night I was invited to a Rotary Club dinner/meeting because I am interested in the topic being presented. It was really nice, everyone was very friendly and the food was great. Tuesday night I went to the theater with my roommate Nabiha to see "Das Käthchen von Heilbronn."

Wednesday I went to the Regional Institute for Pedagogy and Media, where I recorded my beautiful native-speaker voice. They record new voices every year for their standardized tests, as they have a listening comprehension part. It was really fun, actually. And all the other Brits, Scots, Kiwis and Americans were there. We went out to the Irish Pub afterwards.

This weekend I was invited to two different teachers' houses for dinner, which was really nice.

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