Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween und Oktoberfest!

beautiful Saarbrücken at night!

So, an update on life in Saarbrücken...Friday night I went to a disco with some friends, where they had a special discount night to celebrate the start of the semester at the University. Saturday I went to Neunkirchen with Michaela, to visit Ben and his girlfriend who was visiting. Neunkirchen had an Oktoberfest celebration of their own going on, which was pretty fun. They had a big tent set up, Bavarian-style, with liters of beer for sale. I had my first Glühwein of the season, which made me really happy. I am so excited for Christmas markets already...

Sunday I made brunch, went for a long run with Nick and finished reading my book in time for the book reading Monday night. The author of Die Mittagsfrau, the German novel which just won the German Book Award in Frankfurt, was speaking in Saarbrücken. She read from her book and I got her to sign my copy. It was nice. The bookstore was the German equivalent of Barnes and Noble, and they said they had more people turn out for this event than for the release of the German Harry Potter (Saturday).

Monday morning I went to "Teachers' Day" at the University. It was an event for EFL teachers and students. Since I have never officially learned how to teach English as a foreign language it was especially interesting. As a native English speaker, I often don't think about the language I use, and it's really fun to have people give examples and discuss English-learning methodologies and techniques. I attended one large plenum-lecture and a workshop, where I was called upon as the native-speaker expert, which is always fun. :) The English teachers I went with joked that I'll be an English teacher yet... (not likely)

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