Friday, June 27, 2008

Saying goodbye

So this week I have been saying goodbye to everyone at school...Monday everyone had the day off school because it's the "teachers' field trip". We went hiking together (14 km!!) and then out to eat. Here are some pictures from the week.

me playing cards with kids in the afternoon
(I taught them how to play "Spoons")

below: one fifth grade class I worked with

below: part of our hike on Monday

below: our hike ended in Perl, in the Mosel River valley
(you've probably heard of Riesling wine from the Mosel...)

below: lots of kids made me posters/signs/pictures as goodbye gifts. This one class made me a great poster, but since it won't fit in my suitcase I took a picture of it

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  1. Awww...look at all those kids who love you! I bet it will be sad for you to leave Germany...what's the next step?

    Do we get to have a reunion when I visit Duluth for the first two weeks in August?